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How Can We Solve Your Problems...Today!

As a business owner you have waaay more things to worry about in the course of a day than why are the trash cans full and what is that smell! Eeek! Was that a mouse! How long has the lock on the back door been broken?

We have a saying here at Austin's Janitorial, if you just want someone to scrub the toilet and take out the trash, then you don't need us. We are beyond clean! We are a full service building and workspace maintenance company! We mind your business like it was ours! Having a problem with your current cleaning company or your staff just not getting it done? Request a quote today and let Austin's Janitorial show you how we can help take away your pain. I'm sure right now Mr. or Mrs. business owner, you think that sounds nice but how are you different from the last 5 companies that I've hir

ed? Glad you asked.

First, no two problems are alike. We first do a phone interview and see if we would be a good fit for each other. Then we will customize a plan to solve your unique problem and stay within your budgetary means. We are locally owned and do not have any franchise fees or any other financial obligations outside of our company and we pass any savings onto you, our client. Because we guarantee all of our work and commitments to you, we view contracts as unnecessary. If we are fulfilling our promise to you, you will keep us!

Once you become a client of Austin's Janitorial LLC, you can rest assured that you will now be free to focus on your business.

Because of our superior screening of new employees, which includes pre-employment and random drug screens post hire as well as background checks. Couple that with our superior on going training, we offer service second to none! Our staff is guaranteed to do at least 1 hour a month of training on new procedures and techniques. That is overtime pay that we do not mind spending if it will allow us to provide superior service to you! This training and attention to detail ensure lower cleaning technician turnover and supremely consistent service! They are trained to identify and correct most issues immediately! This approach decreases the need for client involvement. You get to focus on your business.

If you, the client, is having an issue we respond within hours if not minutes! Our commitment to you and your staff is a bond!

Again, Austin's Janitorial is beyond clean and we are available 365-24-7. We notify our clients rapidly in the event of cleaning as well as non-cleaning issues. Security, evidence of rodent or pests. Maintenance or other concerns. Once you become a client of Austin's Janitorial we protect your business like it was our own!

Can't seem to get your cleaning and maintenance problems solved? Give Austin's a call today and see how we can help!

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