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Why Should You Hire Austin's Janitorial?

Updated: May 18, 2020

From the time you and your staff walk in the phones are ringing, customers are in and out. On top of the normal workload of the day, new issues arise. New policies, new deadlines did someone call in sick or that one customer who is just not satisfied no matter what you do! You and your staff work hard to maintain your specific business, the core of what earns you all a living.

At the end of the day, the last thing you and your staff want to do is to have to take out trash, dust, vacuum. Or how about having to clean and deodorize the bathroom(s) after someone has used it and their tummies were not feeling the best! I promise you that is not the way to end a hard day!

These are just some of the reasons why a professional cleaning service is so valuable to you the hard-working professional. Here are a few more.

A clean and sanitary workspace helps promote good health and peace of mind. In mankind’s past we have experienced many viral outbreaks.

· Influenza 1958

· Hong Kong flu 1968

· SARS 2002-2004

And many more throughout mankind’s history, now we are experiencing the Corona/Covid-19 pandemic. We owe a lot to the medical discoveries of the past couple hundred years in helping us survive these outbreaks. But what about the times before modern technology? How did we survive the Bubonic/black plaques and others? We learned very quickly the need for sanitation. Cleaning ourselves and our environments proved to be highly effective in helping us survive up to this point.

An increase in morale. Your staff of highly trained dental/nursing assistants, real estate/insurance agents, customer care specialist etc. are trained to do those jobs. They are not trained, however, to clean, disinfect and sanitize your workspace. Our well screened and trained commercial cleaning technician are! That is their main focus! Not answering the phone, caring for patients, sending e-mails, trying to get that deal closed. Cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing your workspace is, period!

By ensuring the workspace is clean, disinfected and sanitized that equates to less chance of bacterial and viral infections spreading. Which in turn means fewer sick days for your staff and less chance of making customers sick. Better health means, better productivity and better profits.

There are many options to choose from in the CSRA when it comes to a workspace cleaning company. Anyone can mop floors and take out trash but here at Austin’s Janitorial we have a personal stake in our community. We are beyond clean! We guarantee all our services and commitments to you and your staff.

We are a locally and family operated company that believes in doing our part to do whatever we can to provide clean and sanitary workspaces.

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